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Remodeling Design
Project Management
Property Maintenance

SMJ Home Solutions partners with multiple professional licensed providers to deliver on-time home project solutions that will meet and exceed your standards and expectations. We will work together with you to make sure the design of your remodeling project is inclusive of your style and taste. It has been our experience that one of the biggest concerns in locating and partnering with a home solution provider is trust.  SMJ Home Solutions will stand behind all of the work done on your project.

SMJ Home Solutions offers the added benefit of project management service utilizing experienced Project Managers. We will ensure your project is on time, on budget and minimize any issues that could impact successful completion. Our Project Management team will keep you abreast of every step as your project progresses to completion. SMJ Home Solutions considers our clients as partners not customers. As partners,  our goal is to deliver a completed project the meets and exceeds your expectations.

SMJ Home Solutions offers different levels of maintenance solutions for landlords, homeowners or property managers that can be customized to your individual needs. We know that home repairs or tenant needs rarely come at opportune times. We take the responsibility of addressing the maintenance issue with minimal or no involvement from you as our partner. We offer trusted guaranteed responses to address any maintenance issues and we can customize an agreement to fit your needs.